Where to Meet New Mama Friends!

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One of the questions I get asked all the time is, “Where can I make new mom friends?” Here’s my list on the best places to meet new moms, and make those connections, in Saratoga County.

1     Music Classes: Kindermusik by Hostetler Music Studio in Saratoga is fantastic! The price is sometimes scary at first, but rest assured you get a ton of classes and at home materials. Not to mention Ms. Renee is a fabulous teacher! I’ve also heard great things about Music Together (locations throughout the capital district) and the programs at the Malta Community Center and YMCA.

2     Tiny Tots Tea Room: Tiny Tots Tea Room is a great little place. It has a café with lots of healthy choices, but the main attraction is the play area. It’s great for the wee ones, crawlers included. They also offer birthday parties, and great membership deals.

3     Mama Fitness Classes: Love, love, love the new Baby Bootcamp classes in Clifton Park. Instructor Britta Hogue is awesome! The classes are very reasonable and they do a lot of mama bonding after classes (think Mom’s Night Outs & the like). Another great option is the mommy & me yoga classes at Malta Community Center. I’ve taken classes with Cathy Prescott and she was excellent! Don’t forget about swim classes at the Saratoga YMCA, also.

4     Local Parks: There’s a ton of local parks in this area! Bonding at the swings is super easy! SaratogaMama just put out a comprehensive list of the area parks & the details of each. You can find it here.

5     Mom’s Groups: There is a ton of mom groups in this area. A great place to look for them is www.MeetUp.com  There’s a lot of groups listed for our area.

Hopefully this helps everyone. What are some of your suggestions? Where do you meet mamas?