Getting your baby to sleep can be hard.
But it doesn't have to be.

Anxiety at dinner? Check. Worried you'll be up all night? Double check. Can't function at work the next day? Oh honey, I feel you. If your baby is waking up all through the night, you've forgotten entirely what it's like to wear anything but yoga pants (& not ever doing yoga), and the last thing you want to do is let your baby just cry endlessly -

The good news is there's another way.

Sleep is such a hot button topic, and when you’re tired the last thing you want to do is read a bunch of books to figure out something that might work for your child. There are so many ways you can help your child to sleep through the night. Some people say one way, others swear by another. BINX is here to create a plan customized to your family. My priority while working with your family is to meet your goals, combined with the biological needs of your child. This is a non-judgment zone. There is no “one size fits all” sleep training method. You have to do what works for your family or it isn’t going to work.

When you sign up for my sleep services you first complete the intake questionnaire. This gives me a complete overview of your child; their habits, environment, your parenting style, etc. Then you’ll go on to the custom portion of your services. With my 10+ years of sleep coaching expertise, here is where I formulate the plan to get your child on track and sleeping. We do  a phone call to answer all your questions about your plan and make sure you're ready to get started. There's daily email access to me to guide you along the entire process.

At the end of our time together, not only will your child be sleeping like  a champ, but you'll be empowered to handle anything sleep challenges that come along down the line.

Let's get your baby and you sleeping now.

Superstar Sleeper Package

Custom Written Sleep Plan

Half-Hour Phone Call

2 Weeks of Email Support

Healthy Sleep 101 Online Class

Get Sleep Now

Premium In-Home Support Package

Need a professional to hold your hand (literally) in those first nights? No worries, I got you.

This package includes a one night stay over with Ilissa in your home to help assist you in getting started on your sleep training journey. Plus an additional half-night of support.

Custom sleep plan, half-hour call, online sleep class, and 2 weeks email support with Ilissa.

Contact for Availability


I highly suggest you give me a call, or message me to discuss if you're not sure which plan is best for your family.

Generally, the Superstar is great for knowing I'm going to get to your goal, because I'll be holding your hand the entire time (over email) and we can troubleshoot if any issues pop-up.

The in-home package is a great fit for you if you know you'll need some extra hands-on support to implement. It's great if you are super exhausted and know you might cave into old habits to get some shut-eye.