Grow A Healthy Sleeper

How to Get Your Newborn Healthy Sleep in
The First 16 Weeks of Life

Can You Imagine Never Having To Sleep Train Your Baby?

It would be awesome right? Hours of sleepless nights saved. Hours of healthy growth in your child. No crying needed (from you or your baby). How does this all happen?

Well, it’s actually pretty easy when you know the science and the timing.

In this class you’ll learn:

  • The basics of getting your baby to sleep
  • A timeline to follow week by week of what steps to take so that you’ll know your baby is ready
  • Signs to look for that will show you your child is growing
  • How to create a healthy and safe sleep environment
  • Easy calming techniques for those early days
  • What is colic and how to handle it
  • Our list of recommended sleep products
  • Printables to keep you on track
  • And more!
  • All for $29

This is an online class, so you can take it anytime you want and you can refer back to it as needed.

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Who wouldn’t want sleep?

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