{Warm Thoughts and Warm Tea} A review of Birds & Bees Teas

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Birds and Bees TeasSo, a while back I was sent a sampler of Birds & Beas Teas to review. After I was sent the sampler I was able to meet up with Jennifer, the owner, at a trade show I sent to. She was such a warm and lovely person. I also was able to try some more tea at the trade show. We connected again while planning for The Petite Retreat, they sent us teas for our nursing nook and for some of the attendees to enjoy.

So now I must share with you just how wonderful these teas really are. I have tried the following teas:

Mind you I am not a big tea drinker. If it’s offered I’ll oblige, but it isn’t my first choice. I actually really enjoyed these teas. I am not nursing nor am I pregnant, so I can’t really attest to any of the effects of some of these teas but I can tell you they are really tasty and just warm you up. The Family Immunity one I had saved for when the inevitable cold came around and that was a great one. I know a bunch of moms really enjoyed the Our Lady of La Leche tea at The Petite Retreat. The Easy Naps & Calm Nights I gave some to a friend who is pregnant and having a hard time with insomnia, that seemed to help her some. All the teas that Birds and Bees sells are caffeine free.

I definitely recommend these teas. They just seem to soothe the soul 🙂

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To order your own teas from Birds & Bees Teas please visit their website here:


They also sell a nice variety of tea accessories so you can drink in style!

You can also follow them on FB here.

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