TTC: Trying to Conceive 101

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So after years of debate (LOL) my hubby & I have finally decided to try for a baby. Yay! Sooo for years now we’ve known how to not get pregnant, but when it came to actually trying to get pregnant I had to do some research. Obviously sex is the answer here, but are you suppose to lay there afterwards? When is the best time to “try” for a baby during each month? Is there a way to choose the sex? Strangely enough a company contacted me to test out their new ConceiveEasy ® TTC Kit™. Here’s a review on what it is. My personal testing is currently is progress 🙂

The ConceiveEasy ® TTC Kit™ is a kit that can be mailed to you monthly until you get pregnant. It’s $39.95 each month. It is a handy kit, as it includes the following things:
·      20 pregnancy or ovulation tests
·      A Basal Body Thermometer to track your ovulation
·      A handy chart to track your temps for ovulation tracking
·      ConceiveEasy 2 month starter pack of supplements

You can find more info on the ConceiveEasy TTC Kit on their website. I have to say I do like the idea; it certainly simplified the buying of pregnancy tests. Also, why do pregnancy tests cost $14 for 2 at the grocery store?! That is outrageous! As always, with any ‘natural’ supplement please contact your doctor before use. Use of this kit does not guarantee you will get pregnant.

So I did do some research on my other questions and here are some useful websites & bits of info I found out.
The Bump & BabyCenter have  great TTC sections
~ has a fun Chinese Gender Predicting chart. Was it accurate for you? Comment below and tell me.
Redbook Magazine and both have some interesting and myth debunking articles on choosing the sex of your baby.

So wish us luck! What worked for you getting pregnant? Are you trying to get pregnant now? Are you currently pregnant? Tell me all about it below! Better yet, join us for Bump Club, it’s at Tiny Tots Tea Room October 22 @ 11am.