Hi Ladies,

Thank you so much for signing up to help me test my classes! More are coming soon! Please follow the instructions below to access the class you signed up to test. You can only test one class, the one you signed up to test.

Please go to this link and choose the class that is the one you’re testing:


You will be taken to the class description page where you will be prompted to create a login because you aren’t a member. After you create the login you will see a place for a code. Enter code: tester and click apply. Then at the bottom of the page click submit.

You will now be at the confirmation page. On the bottom of that section it says “My BINX Academy”, click that. You will now have access to your class. You don’t have to complete the whole class in one sitting, you will have repeated access to it and it will keep track of your progress.

To revisit your class just visit: http://binxbaby.com/my-binx-academy

For being a tester you have received free admission to your class, all I ask is that you fill out the feedback survey at the end of the class.

If you have any questions or problems please feel free to email me at ilissa@binxbaby.com or message me on FB.

Thanks for your participation!

~ ilissa g.

owner & resident baby guru, BINX