Sippy Cups 101

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A Facebook fan recently asked what kind of sippy cups I would recommend for her teething toddler. Soo here’s a bunch of Binx approved sippy cups. **Note; not all of them I would recommend for teething toddlers, but I will make note of which ones are great for that situation.

Safe Sippy 2 by Kid Basix

  • Made out of stainless steel
  • Comes with both a spout & straw option with each cup purchased.
  • Both straw and spout are replaceable at a really reasonable price $2.99 for a new spout lid or $4.99 for a 2pack straw + dust lid pack. Making this a teething toddler pick.
  • Can be purchased here.

Natural Drinking Cup by Avent

  • Innovative lid that mimics drinking from a real cup. When a toddler pushes on the rim with their lips it will open the valve for liquids to flow through, so there’s 360 degress of “spout”. Makes transition to a regular cup easier.
  • BPA free & dishawasher safe
  • Good for teethers, as there’s nothing to really bite on.
  • Can be purchased here for only $6.99.

Glass Sippy Cap Bottle by Lifefactory

  • Glass bottle that has a sippy top, but can also be converted to a regular baby bottle, or adult beverage cup, or food storage jar. Very economical!
  • Silicone sleeve prevents breakage.
  • Nice variety of colors.
  • Sippy cap replacements can be purchased in 2-packs for $8.99
  • Can be purchased here.


I wanted to mention the Lollacup for a few reasons. I saw it on Shark Tank a few months ago & fell in love. On that note, a million other people saw it on there & felt the same thing. So… it’s backordered until the beginning of September, but possibly earlier. The innovative feature of the Lollacup is that the straw is weighted, so no matter which way your toddler is tilting the cup they will be able to get the liquid from the bottom. On the downside, I’ve heard a lot of leak issues, because there is no valve to keep the liquid in. A big plus to the Lollacup is that it is entirely made & sourced in the USA. You can find out more info here (& hopefully be able to order one soon!). I’ve also heard of some issues with the plastic quality of the cup, but I’m thinking most of these issues will be fixed with the new $$ they aquired on Shark Tank.

Sippy Cup Tips & Tricks

  • Make sure to take out all valves before putting cups in the dishwasher. If you don’t you can get a yucky build up in the spout made of dishwasher water, cleaner & whatever liquid was in the cup.
  • They sell dishwasher baskets made to hold all these little parts, so they don’t get eaten by the dishwasher.
  • Invest the $3 in a straw cleaner brush. Available at your local big box stores, these work wonders for cleaning out the gunky build up in straws.
  • Valve cups and straws are great but can be tricky for young toddlers to master. Be patient. When first offering a sippy cup you can go “valve-less” while in the high chair so they can get a hang of it, but make sure they’re not “chugging” their drink to fast.
  • If your valves get yucky, most companies sell replacement valves. Look at their websites or visit the local big box baby stores. I have found them there before.