{Product Review} The Spbang

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Made in the USA

FREE of BPA, Phthalates, and lead


and food safe…

When it comes to a product, these are definitely things I want to hear! Welcome to the spbang,  a really unique, reusable snack bag. So I have been using my spbang since April. It was sent to me to be a part of my Hot Products Showcase at the Saratoga Baby Expo. With so many snacks bags that I have used there are so many down factors. Obviously with ziplocs you are tossing them all the time (not so eco-friendly). I have quite a few fabric ones, but I’ve noticed that after a while they start to get sorta funky. The insides get kinda discolored, and a few have started to take on a smell.

The spbang was invented by a mom who noticed the same things I did about the reusable bags on the market. She formerly worked in the automotive industry and then created the spbang out of a food-safe material she had previous knowledge of! They are a nice size, 7″x7.5″, and they can go right in the dishwasher. I really adore the pattern on the outside of all the fruits and veggies, so cute!! There’s even a spot to right your name. The closure is really easy to use (even tested it with a 3yr old and they had no problem doing it). They are very durable, too (they seem to go in and out of all our diaper bags, and to grandma’s house, and we haven’t had any issues).

Spbangs can be bought on their website, for $9.99 each, and come in 5 great colors!

Mine is the ocean color (LOVE it!)

Spbang Snack Bag