{Product Review} The Mixie Bottle

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So I first heard of, and saw, the Mixie bottle last year at the ABC Expo. I was a little skeptical, but a few weeks ago I received a sample bottle, so I was glad to test it out myself. I have to say it is very convenient and it does work.

Here’s what it’s all about:

The Mixie is a bottle that has a compartment on the bottom that stores dry formula and the water stays on top. There’s a button on the bottom of the bottle that release the top of the formula compartment so that it releases the formula into the water compartment. The top of the formula compartment then is free floating around the bottle so any formula clumps are broken up when you shake the bottle.

What I love about this bottle is that it’s very convenient for day trips to just be able to pack the bottles all up and stash them in the diaper bag. It is also great for those times when you’ll be leaving baby with someone who may be unfamiliar with correct bottle prep; i.e.: a babysitter, or grandma.

I wouldn’t necessarily use the Mixie as your everyday bottle though. It comes with a hefty price tag at $21.95 for the 8oz & $18.95 for the 4oz size. Extra nipples can also be purchased for $4.99. But it would make for an awesome shower gift, or even if you just picked up a few for longer day trips, they would definitely be worth it. You can find a retailer by visit this page on the Mixie website.

Here’s a video from the MixieBaby.com website showing the Mixie bottle in action:


What are your thoughts on the Mixie?