{Product Review} The Minkey: (AKA) How not to take 45 minutes to get out the door to play outside

ilissaProduct Review, Toddler Needs

When I went to a huge industry trade show this past September I came across this awesome product, the Minkey by Olie. It is your all in one solution to not having a chilly child. It is made of a nice warm fleece, covers their entire head & neck (except of course for their face) and goes all the way to the tips of their fingers. My friend Kate tried it out with her two toddlers, Emma who is 1.5 and Jack who is 3. Jack wanted to wear his own mittens over the top of the Minkey because well dragons overruled plain. Kate loved them because it made it so much easier to get them out the door faster, plus it was one piece, so no hunting down the mittens or gloves, scarves and hats.



 The thing I really love about it is that you could use this in the car seat (without a coat) and it won’t interfering with the harness because it’s nice and thin.

You can get your own Minkey here on their website, plus they are only $15-$19.99