{Product Review} Solly Baby Wrap

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I have always been in love with the Solly Baby wraps ever since I saw them a few years ago. They are just so vibrant in color and Solly Baby Wrapsstyle. They have a nice stretch to them and they’re incredibly soft, thanks to the fact that they’re made out of Micro-Bamboo viscose and MicroModal. The fabrics are also made exclusively in the US. Some of you know I am a sucker for good packaging, so I had to include a pic of their box, and their instruction booklet is also fantastic and very thorough about baby wearing safety, too.

One sneaky little addition to the Solly wraps is the little pouch sewn at the end. The entire wrap just stuffs into it, so you always have the storage pouch with you. Great for throwing it in the car or diaper bag (it does rolls up nice and small).

The Solly Baby wraps are really nice and lightweight, which makes them great for summer babies or if as a postpartum mama your temp always seems to be hot. They are meant to be use from birth up to 25lbs, but most moms find them really comfy up until around 6-9m. The pic of Laney & Amber (owner of The Bundle Store, and an expert baby wearer) was taken when Laney was around 8months old, and she was around 18lbs at the time. When I wore her, I could tell why they say usually around 6-9m, it was because the fabric starts to dig around the shoulder areas on mama. It was still comfy and Laney was happy as a clam, but I could see how after a long period of time that could become uncomfortable (As a side note: I wouldn’t consider this a bad feature, this happens with a lot of stretchy wraps at this age/weight). The color of the wrap I have is coral, gorgeous!! They come in a wide variety of colors and grey striped, something for everyone!

Solly Baby also just started a great partnership with Every Mom Counts. For each wrap they sell they donate $1 to this great organization. All the proceeds to EMC go directly to improving maternal health all over the world.

Are you a baby wearing mama? Tell me about your stretchy wrap experience in the comments!

Solly Wraps can be bought at www.SollyBaby.com, and they’re $65. 

Amber & Laney, Solly Wrap Amber with Laney, Solly Wrap