{Product Review} Oopsie Loopsies

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I have to say this was one product review that came at the perfect time! The Oopsie Loopsies are elastic bands that keep your pants closed in those awkward early weeks of pregnancy. I’m at the point where my pants still button but it’s so much more comfy to have a little give in the waistband. Here’s a pic of them in action:


They work really nice. I started off using hair ties, but they would pop-off when I had to use the restroom and were kinda thick. The Oopsie Loopsies come 4 to a pack, 2 each of 2 sizes. They have a sewn loop, so they will stay on the button when you have to use the bathroom. You can buy your own 4 pack of Oopsie Loopsies for $12.95 at www.OopsieLoopsie.com.

Update: The new edition of Oopsie Loopsies are heat sealed, instead of sewn, for a tighter bond. They are also available in a new color, denim!

oopsie packaging