{Product Review} Nizo Wear Solace Nursing Bra

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With World Breastfeeding week coming up I wanted to share this great product with you! It’s the Solace nursing bra from Nizo Wear. Nizo Wear nursing bras have a couple of unique features to them. They have a great inner pocket that can fit a warm or cool compress pack, which is great because then it’s not right on your sore boobies. They are also pretty stylish, not the granny nursing bras that seem to plague the market. Nizo has three different styles; the Solace, the Allure, and the Serenity.

Nizo Wear Solace Nursing Bra
Nizo Wear Nursing Bra Pocket

I was sent the Solace to test, and since I’m not nursing here’s what our mom-tester Courtney had to say about it, “Overall the bra is great! Super soft and pretty. The clasps are easy on/off. Cups fold down nicely when pads aren’t in. Actually the insert-able pads never stay put for me, even when not nursing. I personally would like a little bit of that lining for shape and for hiding hard nipples, but dealing with pads falling out is more of a hassle than a little attention drawing nip ons lol! I really like the top part of the cup that still covers part of the breast when you fold it down to nurse. Even though it is not much fabric, it does feel like you are exposing much less! Not many bras have that and I really like it. That being said, where that strip of fabric attaches at the cleavage is kind of awkward. It kind of folds over to attach so never really lays flat. Didn’t bother my skin at all but is def some extra fabric in there. The bra offered good enough support for a non wire nursing bra. The band is quite deep (like from top to bottom of around chest), which i think they do to help with support…but on me it kept bulging and folding over on itself underneath my arms.With a tighter shirt on you could see it. I think the band size was correct – it fit snugly and felt perfect and is my usual size. I have washed and dried this bra four times and still looks great! Fabric seems to be holding up. Overall is a nice bra! Will def keep wearing it for my 6-20 times nursing a day!” (Please note: I did contact Nizo Wear about some of the issues Courtney was having and they were most likely due to an incorrect size. They also said this about properly adjusting it for fit, “I would suggest loosening the shoulder straps and pulling the band down so that it is horizontal across your back. Many of us wear the band up higher, which can give the fabric less space, making it bunch. If the band will not stay put horizontal then the band is too loose.”)

The bras are a very reasonable $19.99-$29.99, and come in a few colors. To get your own Nizo Wear nursing bra please visit www.NizoWear.com!