{Product Review} Milkin’ Cookies

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Milkin' Cookies packageBack in April, Milkin’ Cookies sent me a bunch of cookies to give out at the Saratoga Baby Expo at my table. So many moms raved about them!! I may have snuck a few myself even though I’m not nursing. They were slightly moist and they didn’t crumble into a million pieces. Yum!

Let’s back up a minute, so Milkin’ Cookies makes cookies for nursing moms that help increase breast milk production. They make them in a few different flavors, my favorite the oatmeal chocolate chip, cranberry almond oatmeal, and dairy-free cranberry almond oatmeal. They also have very few ingredients and no preservatives (so you have to eat them fresh, or freeze them). They are also made in small batches to keep the quality wonderful.

Milkin’ Cookies is a company founded by two moms who are also physicians. They were so stressed at their jobs that their own milk supply had drastically dropped, so they came up with a way to increase it naturally, without taking any medicine or herbs.

You can buy Milkin’ Cookies on their website in either a 2-week or 1-month supply, or my favorite option in a subscription form where they are automatically shipped to you. They had also sent me some to give out at The Big Latch On, and moms there loved them, too!

Please visit www.Milkin-Cookies.com to purchase your delicious cookies!

What did you do or use to increase your milk supply? Tell me in the comments! Have you tried Milkin’ Cookies before, tell me your thoughts below. Need to rent a breast pump? Contact me today 🙂


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