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So I was talking to a friend on Facebook one day when a friend of her’s happened to be the owner of Baby Jack Blankets. We were talking about my impending arrival and she immediately reached out and said I have to send you a blanket. I was a little wary at first, how many blankets/loveys does one baby need. Apparently you definitely need one of these, which I realized as soon as I opened the package that came shortly after our conversation. The blanket I received is their Satin Lovey in the Boxy Pink pattern. Oh it’s so soft! One side is minky and the other is satin. There’s loops for texture sewn around the side (and genuisly they’re sewn closed so that the baby can’t get their fingers stuck inside!). It’s the perfect size, too, 14″x18″. Not to mention they’re also machine washable. Each Lovey blanket comes with a link loop so you can attach a pacifier or a toy to it (you could also use the loop to attach it to your stroller to avoid puddle & slush accidents). The Satin Lovey’s are also reasonably priced at $28, and they come in some really cute patterns. Baby Jack Blankets also sells a smaller 10x10in square, bigger fleece blankets with tabs, and toddler size blankets. All their blankets are made in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (woohoo, go USA!) . You even have a chance to win one of their Satin Lovey sized blankets here! You will be able to pick whichever pattern you want if you win (viewable here).  Enter below…

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