Our Journey with Maxi-Cosi: A Review of the Kaia, Prezi, & Pria85

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Laney Prezi car seatA few years ago I was able to feature the Maxi-Cosi Prezi in a news segment when it had just come on the market. I fell in love with this seat! If you’ve taken my car seat safety class or visited me at the Saratoga Baby Expo then you’ve probably seen this seat with me.

We used it for Laney from when she was born all the way until a few months ago when she passed the height restriction. I have to say it was a breeze to get her little tiny body, and eventually giant self, into and out of the seat. It has cloth pieces on the top of the straps that are connected to the back of the seat so you don’t have those pieces sliding down or having the harness rub against your baby’s neck. They provided great support as well and I always felt like she was positioned properly in her seat. There is also an extra pillow that goes near their tush to keep them more upright in the seat and prevent them from slipping down to far in the bucket. There is extra head protection featuring Air Protect® and G-Cell technology. The base has an anti-rebound bar (a great feature) and has a normal install compared to other seats on the market. One of the cons, if you have a smaller vehicle the Prezi is a longer seat (so back of the seat to the front seat should have adequate spacing). We just had one of us sit in the back with her because I have a smaller car. When it was in my mom’s Chevy Equinox (SUV) it didn’t have any space issues. The seat also is a little heavier than other infant seats, but we didn’t always take it out of the car or go long distances so Laney Prezi 2that was never really an issue. We usually snapped it into out Kaia stroller…

The Kaia stroller was/is wonderful as well! It is a super sturdy umbrella type stroller. I LOVE that it takes up barely any room in my trunk when folded, because like I said, I have a small sedan, space is at a premium. It has a detachable cup holder, which tends to fall off in my trunk, but luckily not anywhere else. The basket is a good size, it fits a big diaper bags and you can squish other things in there as well. It navigated last winter’s snow/slush fairly well, and we have done some other terrains with it without issue. Love that it reclines far back, it made it easy for us to use it fairly early on when we didn’t have the car seat with us. The car seat adaptor for it made it really easy to just snap the seatLaney Kaia on and go (currently the adaptor works with Maxi-Cosi seats only). I definitely recommend taking a look at this stroller.

Now that Laney has passed the 29″ height (I can’t believe she’s already 31″, I have a monster on my hands!) we upgraded her seat to the Maxi-Cosi Pria85.

I really have been LOVING this seat! It goes rear-facing 14-40lbs. The cover snaps off easily for machine washing. It offers Air Protect ® technology for safety protection in side impacts. The LATCH system was really easy to use to install the seat. I also like the harness clips on the side of the seat that make it super easy to pull the harness to the side and plop the child in. The harness is extremely easy to adjust, just one handle at the top to raise & lower it.

I also installed it forward facing using the seatbelt on one occasion and that was also easy to install due to the fact that you can fold back the seat pad to bring the buckle through the pad (installed using forward facing with a 3 year old, see pic below). When it was forward facing I was watching my friend’s little girl and she said she loved the seat. She liked that it was nice and squishy and it has a built in cup holder. She also liked the pads on the harness because it made the harness comfy and they didn’t rub on her neck. Again, the fact that the harness clips were there (in pic they’re the grey tabs) was a huge advantage and made loading the kid in super easy.

You can visit Maxi-Cosi’s website here to view their product lineup and get some for yourself!

 Scarlett pria85

Here are some pics from Maxi-Cosi’s website so you can see the products fully!

Maxi Cosi Kaia Stroller

Maxi Cosi Pria85

Maxi Cosi Prezi