Newborn Sleep Tips and Tricks


That tiny little blob of squishy cuteness has wiggled its way into your heart. But how do you get that newborn to sleep?  Well sometimes you have to pull out the big guns. Here's some easy tips and tricks to get that newborn to sleep.

  1. Swaddle, swaddle, swaddle. Use a swaddling blanket if you feel like a super human. If you need something a little more basic, grab a velcro swaddle from your local baby retail store. Swaddling help calm a baby's startle reflex, which can be a huge culprit in them waking up. It is also very calming, remember they just exited a space that they were tightly hugged in for the last few months.
  2. White noise for the win. White noise helps drown out the rest of the house's noises. The barking dog. The doorbell ringing. Again, it's also something they were used to when they were on the inside. It is super calming.
  3. Rocking them side to side in your arms can also be super calming. Again, they're used to that calming movement. Using a swing can be great too, but make sure you're monitoring them while it's in use (so their head doesn't tilt and cut off their airway).
  4. Try a pacifier. If you're breastfeeding make sure you have a good solid few weeks down, so there's no nipple confusion, but then you're good to go. Sucking can be a calming reflex for them. Make sure you're not missing their hunger cues because of this, though.
  5. Make sure your baby isn't in discomfort from extra air that is trapped in their bellies. A good way to get the air out is giving a good burp and holding them in a side/stomach position so that your hand is resting on their belly and putting light pressure on it.
  6. Use darkness so that their hormones start to get sleep regulated. Darkness for naps and nights.
  7. Make sure they are sleeping in an appropriate, safe environment. As a newborn they are more portable sleepers, so they might sleep on you in a baby carrier. Make sure you're safely wearing the carrier. They can also sleep in a crib, bassinet, or a pack and play. Be careful of products that are not labeled with those exact words, as that usually means they aren't really meant for sleep. Always read the user manuals and not just the marketing words for all the directions.
  8. Don't let your newborn sleep in their car seat when it isn't clicked into the base in the vehicle or secured to their stroller. When it's placed on the floor, a flat surface, a bench, etc, it can change the angle the baby is in and it can close off their airway.
  9. Follow the AAP's recommendations on safe sleep always!

If you're looking for more info regarding the time line of newborn sleep and how to grow a great sleeper (so that you never have to sleep train), check out my newborn sleep class right here on my site!