My Most Favorite Lovey Company Ever: Baby Jack & Co.

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Some of you may know that I am a secret Harry Potter nerd (just the movies, not the books. Although I am an avid reader, I never really got into the books). So when I saw that one of my favorite lovey companies was coming out with a Harry Potter inspired lovey I was so excited!  Take a look at this HP inspo lovey from Baby Jack & Co.! I love it!! Look at all the details, from the print to the House-inspired tag colors, they really knocked it out of the Quidditch Rink on this one!

Kelley, the owner of Baby Jack Co., and I have become friends over the years. I am in awe of how she has grown her company and the thought she puts into her blankets. It all started when her son was a baby and got his finger stuck in the tag loop on another blanket. She had the great idea to sew shut the loops, thus starting Baby Jack & Co. on it’s path to awesomeness.

Kelley, along with her children, Jack and Bailey, designs the prints of the fabric on the loveys. She takes the time to incorporate different educational elements into each prints; take a gander at the shapes. colors, numbers and ABC’s that can be found in the different prints. The printed side is as soft as silk, while the back side is a lux minky fabric. All the loops are sewn shut, so no stuck fingers.

As a sleep coach I can attest to the power of a good lovey. They are a great comfort object for a child and can make going to bed or just calming down so much easier. Do remember, no blankets in the crib before a year old. These are still great for the tiny ones to play with during the day, though.

To get your own Baby Jack and Co lovey head HERE!

I have to say my top 3 Favorites are:

~ Rescue/Firefighter Lovey

~ Forest Friends Lovey (uhh, so perfect for all my TPR friends!)

~ ABC’s & 123’s Educational Lovey