{Local Artist Spotlight} Lis Designs

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I really wanted to give a special shout out to a local artist, Elisa Sheehan. We have a few of her art prints in store and I haven’t had a chance to really tell you guys about them. Elisa Sheehan is a local mama of 2 kiddos. She is currently residing in Saratoga but is originally from Boston. She founded Lis Design in 2004, and has been the driving force behind a number of amazing local business logos including Torso Lingerie StudioHattie’s RestaurantHattie’s Chicken ShackSpoon & Whisk, and Saratoga Doula.She also does great web design work. Elisa has recently branched out into doing art prints in addition to her great graphic design work.

She had this to say about why she descided to create these children’s prints,
“With these pieces, I tapped into my inner child and thought: what do children aspire to do? Join the circus? Fly a plane? Surf with Dolphins? You bet! We all want to have adventures in our lives, but probably none are more vivid and creative than those of a child. I tried to capture that sense of wonder about how the world works and how adventure unfolds in these pieces. I know that as a child I would have wanted to be that ballerina on top of that elephant!”



At our Pop-Up Holiday Shop we have some of Elisa’s children’s prints framed for sale ($50). They are a gorgeous addition to any child’s room or baby nursery. You can also view more of her design work at LisDesign.com & her art prints on ElisaSheehan.com