Did you know you can register for your baby gifts with Binx? There’s a ton of great benefits to doing it, too!

  • ~ You’ll get  a 15% off completion discount for the products that aren’t purchased after your baby’s birthdate.
  • ~ All registered parent’s get 10% off any of our services for the first year after their baby is born. This includes the NiteNite sleep services, Big Green Stroller Clean stroller and car seat cleaning services and so much more!
  • ~ You can register online and in-store. Almost all of our products are available online for out of towner’s to purchase!
  • ~ We are glad to install & inspect your car seat FREE of charge (even though you bought it elsewhere!)
  • ~ We are extremely knowledgeable on all the products we carry and we’re here to help with anything and answer any question you might have!
When you register online just hit the ‘Add to Wishlist‘ button next to the products you want and then create your account. It’s easiest to do a shared or public wishlist so you can send the link to friends and family. If it’s private then only you can see it. Please let us know if you need help creating your registry or feel free to stop by the store and get started!


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