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Have you ever wondered how some people have babies that just seem to sleep through the night as young as 4 months? Take our Grow A Healthy Sleeper class to learn the groundwork to lay for your newborn to grow into a healthy sleeper.

Is your baby struggling to get on a schedule? Not sure where you’re going wrong? Take our Healthy Sleep 101 class to learn the basics of healthy sleep for a child older than 4 months of age.

Are your totally overcome with anxiety thinking about how to start potty training your toddler? You definitely need our Potty Training Basics class to learn the in’s and out’s, do’s and don’ts  of potty training.

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Here’s what some parents, just like you, had to say about our classes:

“This class {Healthy Sleep 101} was great. I was googling the products you recommended as I was going along and I will definitely buy them, especially if they will help! The format was great and easy to use, I really like the layout, very user friendly. I would highly recommend it to all!” Erica D.

“It was very clear and concise which I think is very helpful. I often find sleep information overwhelming but everything made sense without reiterating the same point over again.” Katelyn B.

“What a great intro to potty training! Definitely a “must-read” for first time parents of potty-training age children and probably a great refresher lesson for second or third time parents. The pre potty training tools helped me be better prepared to master potty training and I loved the all the tips that you really don’t think about prior to starting potty training. And the tip for … genius! Any class that calms you down for what can be a pretty daunting task such as potty training is a great class in my book!” Ashlee G.


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