Baby Jack and Co Learning Loveys

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Years ago I met Kelley Legler, owner of Baby Jack and Co.. She's a mama of 2 who designs these super soft loveys. She even designs the prints herself to have some educational value. The loops on the loveys are sewn closed to prevent stuck fingers. LOVE.

Using a lovey is a great way to have a positive sleep association. It helps your little one recognize that a sleep time is approaching. They can also use it for comfort in times of need and relaxation. (Please note, loveys should not be used in the crib for babies under a year old.) A quick tip on getting your child acquainted with a lovey, when you receive one you'd like your child to use, stick it in your own pillowcase for a few nights/days. This can make it smell just like mama/dad and be really comforting to your child.

If you're local to me, these loveys can be bought in person at G. Willikers or at Northshire Books, both in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Shopping online? Check out Baby Jack and Company's site here for the entire collection:

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