Another year of warmth & safety with Cozywoggle!


I’m not quite sure how it is December and I was driving with my window down today. What is going on?

I was excited the other day when my husband finally got around to putting up our Christmas lights. Of course he picked a day that is was actually freezing out and we all had to bundle up. Laney was stoked to wear her new purple coat (and I was super excited for her to wear it, too!).

I am a HUGE fan of the Cozywoggle coats!! Like massively HUGE fan. Billy Fuccillo HUGE fan of them (We live in upstate NY, I had to say it).

These  coats are really great. Not only is it a coat that is nice and warm and well made and that would definitely last through multiple children but it is car seat safe, too! If you look under Laneys arm there in the picture you’ll see that there is a zipper there. There is one on the other side, too. These zippers open up so that it can transform into a poncho for use it the car. This way that nice comfy coat isn’t interfering with her harness. It also features a regular zipper on the front and a detachable hood.

The zipper part is the really important part. A lot of parents don’t know that you’re not supposed to wear poofy, heavy coats in carseats. This actually applies to adults as well. So if you’re in an accident what can happen is the poofy coat can compress, which leaves a lot of room/slack in the harness through which the child can actually be ejected from their seat.

Laney’s look of terror is from an inflatable being put up in the yard, which was quickly undone. I’m still answering questions about it days later.

So how do you know if your child’s coat is safe? You have to perform a little test.

Step 1: Put your child in their car seat with their winter coat on. Snug up their harness as much as possible.

Step 2: Unbuckle your child (do not loosen the harness).

Step 3: Remove your child’s coat and put them back in their seat and buckle them in (do not snug the harness).

Step 4: Is there slack/space in-between the harness and your child? If you can pinch the harness vertically then the harness is too loose and the coat is a no-go for being used under the seat harness.

So what do you do if your coat doesn’t work? You can buy a Cozywoggle (my favorite choice!) or  you can have your child use a blanket in the car instead of a coat. If you have an infant you’ll have to go the blanket route, Cozywoggle starts at size 18m. I am loving the new colors they have for this year, too!

You can BUY a Cozywoggle here. If you want to see a video of how to use them you can check that out here. Once last set of pics I’ve included below from a  previous review of the Cozywoggle that I did a few years ago that shows how it works in the car seat.

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