A Round of Applause

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As today is the eve of my Pop-Up Holiday Shop grand opening I thought I’d take the opportunity to thank everyone who has brought me this far.

A big thanks to the Binx Facebook community! It is awesome to interact with you all on a daily basis. To get feedback almost instantly is wonderful.

I couldn’t have done it without the amazing support of my network of local women business owners. You know who you are 🙂 !  Our monthly meetings are surely a great source of entertainment as well as time for well thought out business idea formation.

Also a round of thanks goes to my biz friends across the country. From fellow IBPA baby planners to the manufacturers who have been cheering me on all this time. You are all so fantastic & I look forward to seeing you all again at ABC next year and we can have many Twitter parties this year, too (I’m talking to you… Sophie the Giraffe)!

A big round of applause goes to my hubby! He has put up with an awful lot on the road to opening this store. Also a big thank you to him for installing all the new shelving at Tiny Tots Tea Room.

And last but not least to my family & friends, who have been pushing me & encouraging me through this crazy journey, and whom I barely have time for currently. There will be a time soon when I shall see you all!

I hope to see all of you tomorrow, Thursday, for the Grand Opening Party & Ribbon Cutting with the Southern Saratoga Chamber. Ribbon Cutting is at 10am, with the party going from 9am-11am. The Pop-Up Holiday Shop will be open through January 31st, and if you want it bigger & better you need to shop with us! As long as this goes swimmingly we will be opening the full-service shop as soon as possible!