A New Chapter Opens…

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Wow, what a year it has been. At this time last year I was newly pregnant (& super sick!!), we were just closing on our house, I had just finished up my sleep consultant training, and I decided to open my own store.Store Window Crazy! I couldn’t even imagine all that it would entail or the energy it would take to do it all.

The past year I have met so many of you, and been a part of your lives in awesome ways that I couldn’t even imagine. I’ve done 40+ car seat installs (some of them in sub-0 temperatures, some of them in 100+ degree temps, and some of them while super pregnant), a whole lot of car seat & stroller cleanings, and helped a whole lot of families get the sleep they need. I am so lucky to be where I am, but it has been a ton of work to do it all.

It has been a dream of mine, for quite a few years now to have this store. However, I have fallen even more in love with a new little friend of mine. When my little girl was born I was like, “Ok, yeah I love her” but one day we were at a class together and I just looked at her, this little tiny person of my own, and knew, WOW, I really do LOVE you!

I need to spend time enjoying this little person of mine. So with that I have to say goodbye to the BINX retail store. BINX will continue on with the awesome services that you all know & love and as the blog that started it all. We also have a lot of new things that will be announced in the following weeks, so stay tuned for that. The BINX physical retail store will be open on an abbreviated schedule for the next few weeks with our last day open being February 15.

All gift certificates that have been issued are still good towards purchases of products until the store closes and can be used on our services, whether that be sleep consulting, breast pump rentals, parenting services, or stroller and car seat cleanings. We will be teaming up with some local businesses for car seat/stroller cleaning days and I will still be offering car seat checks on an appointment basis (Car seat checks will remain a free service as always).

Wish me luck on this new mommy-hood journey. It sure has been an amazing adventure already.


~ ilissa (& Laney, too)