A Busy Mom’s Guide to Glowing Skin {A Product Review of the Redefine system from Rodan + Fields}

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Rodan and fields RedefineThis review has been a long time coming. Mostly because I am a busy mom. In addition to writing these blog posts (which I still have a list of product reviews to do and a billion other articles I’d love to write) I spend my time running around doing car seat installs, talking dazed parents through their sleep issues, and chasing after Laney, my very own very crazy 16 month old.

A longtime reader & follower of mine, Kristin McAllister, had reached out to me in November after she had started selling the products from Rodan + Fields. They had really worked for her and she loves them so now she sells them! If you don’t know much about R+F let me give you a little background. These skin care products were developed by the same doctors that developed the highly successful Pro-active brand 20 years ago and they have now developed this line reaching out people with many different concerns with their skin . All of their products are backed by a 60 day money back guarantee, basically you will love them or your money back. Most products are packaged for 60 day use. There are 4 core skin care lines that R+F offers:

REDEFINE- for the appearance of lines, pores and loss of firmness
REVERSE- brown spots/sun spots, discoloration
UNBLEMISH- acne and post acne marks
SOOTHE- sensitive, irritated skin and redness

Now I have to admit, back to that busy mom scenario, I am a horrible person when it comes to taking care of myself. Huge issue recently. I often work very late at night and just don’t have time to do anything besides take out my contacts and brush my teeth before falling asleep. Wash my face? Nope. And my skin suffers the consequences of that all the time. So I really dragged my feet when it came to doing this review because “I just didn’t have time to do a 4 step system” before bed. Then I finally did it because I felt the pressure that Kristin might push me off a cliff if I didn’t start it. She is not a pushy sales person, she just loves these products and she knows they work, and now so do I! We chatted about my skin issues and she recommended the Redefine regimen for me.

So last Friday night I finally started the sample kit that Kristin had sent me of the REDEFINE regimen. It is a 4 step system. The first part is a daily cleansing mask (takes about 2 minutes for it to dry). Then you wash that off and use the pore minimizing toner, which I thought for sure was going to sting as a lot of toners do but it didn’t (it contains no alcohol!). After the toner comes the night cream and in the morning you use the day cream. The creams were really nice and light and my face didn’t feel greased up at all by them. I was really impressed. The entire routine took less than 10minutes to do and my skin was actually looking really nice with just the 3 days of using the system.

Like I previously said, for the full effect you really want to use the full skin care system for the full 60 days, which is why I didn’t do before & after pics, but if I had you probably would have seen a change, which is pretty awesome for just 3 days!!

Now the entire Redefine regimen, the 4 products that should last about 60 days, costs $193. Which sounds expensive, but it works out to just roughly over $3/day for your own at home mini facial! All you mamas out there who are wanting to try something new and get that glow back to your skin you definitely need to contact Kristin today and chat with her more!

Some of the other products that Kristin mentioned are great for moms are the Multi-Function Eye Cream (a mommy must have), Eye Cloths, Microdermabrasion Paste, and Brightening hand lotion.

*Just a small side-note: On their website R+F does state to talk to your doctor before using their products if you are pregnant or nursing. They do have a list of ingredients you can share with your doctor so it is easy to do that.

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