25 Days of Giveaways: Two Birds One Stone

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So there is a great local mama-run business that I want to introduce you to, Two Birds One Store. They make really lovely breastfeeding, baby wearing and teething necklaces, and all at a great price! Here’s some info on each kind of necklace they make:

Breastfeeding necklaces, aka ‘nursing necklaces’ to keep those little hands occupied with something besides your skin/hair/teeth etc.

Babywearing necklaces, identical to a nursing necklace, for the mom who isn’t breastfeeding. Any baby in arms or in a sling/carrier is close enough to pull and pinch just the same.

Teething necklaces, still for mom to wear, but safe for your baby to mouth/gum/chew when they begin teething and putting everything into their mouths. These work well as a Babywearing necklace because if your baby isn’t feeding while you’re holding/carrying/wearing her, she’ll probably be trying to put your jewelry into her mouth!

We sell all three kinds at BINX and customers love them! Here’s some pics of their necklaces:

Two Birds One Store Fabric Necklaces

Two Birds One Stone Teething Necklaces


Enter to win a TWO BIRDS ONE STONE necklace of your choosing from the selection available at BINX!


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