25 Days of Giveaways: BuggyLOVE


Most of you know we clean stroller and car seats here at BINX. Did you know we use the all organic products from BuggyLOVE? We sell them, too.  Well, BuggyLOVE just came out with a new line of household cleaners, The Lifestyle Line. The Lifestyle Line is an all organic line of cleaners that includes:

ORGANIC MULTI-SURFACE BATHROOM CLEANER Spray away bathroom residue and grime organically. Naturally remove dirt, dust and build-up on granite vanities, porcelain sinks, countertops and tile.

ORGANIC MULTI-SURFACE KITCHEN CLEANER Keep your kitchen clean and organic with this crisp, fresh multi-surface spray. Safely and effectively remove grease, dirt and grime on granite countertops, porcelain sinks and stainless steel appliances.

ORGANIC MULTI-PURPOSE CLEANER Unconditional LOVE! Finally, an organic way to clean up all of life’s messy situations. Safe to use on toys, high chairs, and in nurseries…yet strong enough to use throughout your house.

ORGANIC NO-WASH STAIN REMOVER Good-bye mystery spots! Highly concentrated, organic solution safe for use on cotton, linen, micro-suede and most fabrics. Easily and naturally remove hard to lift stains on furniture, upholstery, clothes and more.

ORGANIC FABRIC AND AIR FRESHENING MIST Stop and spray the roses! Exotic and soothing, organic, rosehip scented solution for all-over freshening. Neutralize unpleasant scents that linger in bathrooms, kitchens, playrooms, nurseries or, well…anywhere.

BuggyLOVE Line

It’s so nice to have everyday cleaners from a brand that you already trust! You can now enter to win the entire set of BuggyLOVE’s Lifestyle Line! The set will include:  16 oz – Multi-Surface Cleaner, 16 oz – Kitchen Cleaner, 16 oz – Bathroom Cleaner, 8 oz – Air freshener, & 4 oz – No Wash Stain Remover! Yippee!

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