25 Days of Giveaways: BINX Car Seat & Stroller Cleanings Package

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So how many of you have a stroller or car seat that is totally gross, but you still use it day in and day out because you made a big $$ investment in it? Did you know we do car seat and stroller cleanings at BINX? We can clean other gear, too, just email us for a price quote. All through the month of December car seat cleanings and stroller cleaning tickets (an actual card that you can hold onto) are half off! This means you can stock up now, $12 for a car seat cleaning and $20 for a stroller cleaning. The most common comment we hear when a parent picks up their cleaned item is, “This looks brand new!” It’s so nice to be saving parents money!

Here’s a before and after pic of a car seat that was trashed with chocolate ice cream when it came in. The left side is after we cleaned, the right side is how it came in:

Car seat before & after

Today’s giveaway is a car seat cleaning & stroller cleaning package from BINX!

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