Happiest Baby on the Block Movie Night Out + Review

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So last night was our pre-movie party for Parent’s Night Out: Happiest Baby Happiest Toddler a Night with Dr. Harvery Karp. The movie was hosted by Ali Landry. We had a great time at our party : ) We did swaddling demos, giveaways & had awesome swag bags full of products & coupons. A big THANKS to our swag sponsors including Episcential, SaratogaMama.com, Dr.T’s Supergoop, Foxy Baby Designs, Baby Boot Camp, Tiny Tots Tea Room, Organiworks & so many more!! The reusable totes were generously donated by our friends at ShopRite supermarkets. We had so much fun doing the swaddling demos! I even learned a few new tricks myself! We also learned that ‘Car Seat Demo Baby’ is not a good swaddling demonstrator LOL. He just kept looking so funny!

We also had some awesome giveaways from the folks at Happiest Baby on the Block & Swaddle Designs. A big Thank You to them!!As for the movie, I thought it was very well done, especially for a live event. The host, Ali Landry, was very personable & relatable. The examples they showed of Dr. Karp’s techniques in action were great! I loved the baby, Henry, and the little girl, who’s name escapes me. So cute!

The movie went into a pretty thorough overview of Dr. Karp’s techniques from Happiest Baby on the Block & Happiest Toddler on the Block. However, it didn’t include his new book, Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep.

I highly recommend his books, movies & cd’s. Binx is also happy to announce that starting soon we will be working on getting certified to be able to teach Happiest Baby on the Block techniques to new parents! To find out more info on Dr. Karp & Happiest Baby on the Block you can visit their website at www.HappiestBaby.com