{Product Review} The Puj Snug & The Puj Flyte

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I was thrilled to receive the Puj Flyte tub & their new Snug faucet cover to review. I have been a Puj follower forever! Huge fan of the original Puj tub, it’s one of my go-to baby shower gifts. However it does have it’s flaws. Sometimes it’s just a little to big for the sinks of some of the older homes that blanket this area. That’s when you need the Puj Flyte tub.

The Flyte tub is made out of a soft foam material. It folds completely flat and is small enough to fit in a suitcase or small travel bag.

When I first scheduled the product testing session with baby Hazel’s mom to test out the tub I told her it fits in a sink. Her response, “Our bathroom sink is really small, so we might have to use our kitchen sink.” When I got there that day, I was thrilled that the tub was the perfect size for this little bathroom sink.

Now, another fact that wasn’t in our favor for good product testing was that baby Hazel is a baby whom showers with her mama, not in a tub. I have to say, in this tub, she was one happy baby.

The tub has a great non-slip back & it has a hole in the top so it can be hung to dry. It dries super fast!

Another great thing is that since this is used at regular sink height there’s no bending. Great for c-section mamas, or parents with back pain issues, and also grandparents.

I thought this was a good pic to truly capture the size of the tub. Also, in the above picture, baby Hazel is 3 months old. The tub goes up to age 6 months. To use the tub you just fill it with a little bit of water (there’s a guide for the water level on the tub) and then add your baby.

The Puj Flyte retails for $35 and will be available in the Binx Pop-Up Holiday Shop!

The Puj Snug

I was also able to product test the new Snug. It’s a spout cover shaped like an elephant. It’s made out of the same foam from the Puj tub. That means it’s also mildew resistant. The Snugs are made out of the excess foam pieces from when the Puj tubs are cut, so they’re recycled material. They are really soft and keep those little heads from being bonked, & it’s super cute too! The Snug comes in 3 colors, aqua (pictured), white, & kiwi.

It comes in at a great price point, also. Only $15!