Sleep Help 101 Class

Class will begin here on March 29 @ 7:30pm. If you don’t see the video to the left playing LIVE at that time please refresh your screen. Sometimes it starts automatically and sometimes you just need a refresh.

Who is Ilissa?

Ilissa Goman is the CPST and certified child sleep consultant behind BINX. She started her business in June of 2010 after realizing the Capital District was lacking many services that were available in other places across the US. Ilissa has become a trusted expert for moms in her area and beyond. BINX thrives on bringing the best of the baby world to this area through their blog and through the services they offer. BINX’s main goal is to educate parents on the different options available to them and to help them make the choices that are right for their families. Sleep consulting, car seat inspections, gear cleanings, classes and more are provided. For more info on BINX please visit or call (518)309-2469.

The 7 Day Sleep Challenge!

Are you in? It takes just 7 days to go from bedtime grumps to bedtime bliss. We’ll be elaborating on everything you just learned in the online class, plus you’ll be sent a workbook to walk you through each step and help you figure out your child’s sleep issues. There are OPEN OFFICE HOURS held 3x’s during the week where you can ask Ilissa any questions you have about your child and get custom answers for your family. Last year over 100 families participated, will you be a part of this year’s group?