Release the Mom Guilt!

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Picture it, I was at Target the day before The Petite Retreat last October. I was there to pick up a birthday present for a party starting in less than an hour (which I still had to run it back to my house to get it to my daughter to bring to the party that her grandma was bringing her to) and grab some last minute supplies for TPR. My phone rings. It’s my husband video calling me. Apparently he called me twice in the past 5 minutes but I didn’t hear my phone ring. “Look what she did!! I can’t believe she did this. She’s not going to that birthday party!” My 3-year-old daughter is yelling, “Daddy’s mad at me,” in the background.

In the 10 minutes my husband was outside loading up his truck with my junk for Petite Retreat drop off, my lovely daughter had taken a pair of scissors out of the supply bucket and had given herself a lovely hair chop. She basically had cut her bangs right to the scalp and took an awkward chunk of hair off the side.

I told him calmly to get her ready for the party, she was definitely going to it.

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