{Product Review with Coupon Code} Diaper Dabbler

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So you never know what size & shape your baby will emerge from you womb, right? You could have a skinny chicken leg baby, or one with chunk-a-monk thighs. Here’s where the Diaper Dabbler comes in. I LOVE the idea of this! You are able to try out different brands of diapers to see what fits your baby the best. They offer 18 different brands/types of disposable diapers to try. They even have eco-friendly options, like Earth’s Best & The Honest Co. My sample pack came with 3 brands, Huggies, Earth’s Best, and Luv’s (3 of each diaper per brand). You pick the general size (the whole package comes in one size) and then pick your brands. Prices range from $10.99-$65, depending on the number of brands you want to try. They also have pre-arranged packages, like Mother Earth, which contains all eco-friendly options, and the Little Learners package with potty training learners. I love this section of their website which describes how to choose the right diaper for your baby.

Diaper Dabbler chart

They also have a downloadable chart so you can rate the diapers that you’re trying. Love it! This would make a great gift for any expecting parent!

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Diaper Dabbler sample