{Product Review} The Push Pack

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So when I started packing my hospital bag I was totally bewildered. I know a lot about babies, but not to much about what to bring to the hospital when you’re in labor with one. I was lucky enough to stumble upon this awesome product, The Push Pack. The Push Pack is a pre-packed toiletries bag chocked full of the labor and deliveries essentials. I received their Princess Push Pack to review. Inside I found:

  • Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, facial soap & lotion from Lather
  • Motherlove Organic Nipple Cream
  • a loofah
  • toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Crystal deodorant wipes
  • razor & shaving cream
  • a comb & hair bands
  • Earth Mama Angel Baby lip balm & bottom balm
  • a nail file
  • Bamboobies nursing pads
  • maxi pads
  • disposable underwear
  • playing cards
  • notepad
  • Preggie Pop
  • assorted snacks
  • gum
  • thank you cards and a pen

Whew, a ton of stuff, and it was all packed super neatly into an Apple & Bee fold out toiletries holder. LOVE IT! Awesome that I can reuse the bag as well. The Princess Push Pack is available on their website for $78, and they have a smaller regular Push Pack available for $44.95. The only things it doesn’t come with are the obvious, clothes for you & the baby, phone chargers, etc., but they even included a tag on the bag to remind you of the items you will need to add! (Look for another post coming soon of everything you should bring to the hospital, with all the tips from the mamas on our Facebook page!)

UPDATE: So when I actually had to go to the hospital we were in kind of a rush and I still hadn’t packed my bag even though I was due any day. Of course when we got to the hospital it was great to have this because we had forgotten a few things and they were already in the Push Pack. YAY!!


The Push Pack, labor & delivery bag that packs all the essentials.