{Product Review} The Otteroo

ilissaProduct Review

So you might have seen this crazy neck float for babies going around on social media. It’s called the Otteroo. I know, at first it looks insane. Like why on earth would I use this with my baby??!! Which is the same reaction I had, sort of. I was intrigued, because the idea behind it made sense. It enables babies to float freely; using their arms and legs freely without having an adult have to hold them. Don’t get me wrong, an adult is always present when you use this product. It is not meant to be used as a life saving device, and should always be used with adult supervision. For more safety tips using the Otteroo, you can click here.

Here are some pics & a video of Laney using the Otteroo. (We tested it in my mother’s hot tub which was not turn on, so the water was not hot, it was just barely warm. Please talk to your pediatrician before using a hot tub with your baby.) The Otteroo can also be used in the bathtub or a pool, but Laney was to big to use it that way in our tub (and we didn’t have pool access).

Laney loves to swim, and she really loved using this! It let her splash like crazy and move all around. It also didn’t leave any marks on her neck. She seemed pretty comfy in it, and she swam for about 10minutes before declaring she was done. It has an inner neck ring with a chin reset, and then the bigger outer ring. The Otteroo is made of a high-grade PVC, and is lead-free and phthalate-free. When I took it out of it’s case it didn’t have a yucky plastic smell, which was great because Laney licks everything. To use it, babies must 8weeks old and 9lbs, and you can use it all the way until 35lbs.

The Otteroo can be bought on their website, www.Otteroo.com, for $35.