{Product Review} The Belly Bandit – Original

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So I have to admit I’m a pretty skeptical person. I kept seeing all these before & after pictures on Instagram of moms that had used the Belly Bandit and thought there’s no way this is for real. So I decided to give it a go for myself after my Marlayna was born (she’s now 8weeks old). I used the Belly Bandit Original. They also sell a bamboo version, an organic version, a B.F.F. version, and a couture version. I started using it when I was 3days post-partum, and I would wear it to bed while I slept (not during the day) and I wore it for 2weeks. It’s a compression garment so it can be uncomfortable to wear during the day when you’re always moving around and trying to recover from delivering a baby, however I’m sure it’s doable. The pics speak for themselves! On the left is when I was 3.5weeks post-partum (and back in my pre-pregnancy skinny jeans) and on the right was when I was 38.5weeks pregnant. Crazy!! (I did post this pic to our Instagram when I took it so it is dated & for real)

Belly Bandit Before & After

The one thing I can say is to make sure you follow their sizing chart and actually measure yourself. Belly Bandit makes a slew of other great products. They also offer compression tanks, comfy pants, a pregnancy support belt and boobie wraps. You can buy Belly Bandit products on their website www.BellyBandit.com.