{Product Review} pediped Footwear, AKA: When Your Toddler Needs Real Shoes for Real Places

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pediped shoesSo Laney is basically just like her mother, barefoot all the time. But clearly we do have to venture out to places where shoes are necessary. Like the grocery store, the playground and out to eat. She is one active girl. I always say she is rough and tumble, my gram says she’s a toughie. She is always running places, on a mission. I can’t even imagine what her thoughts are when she’s on the go. Oh to be inside a toddlers brain.

We had a pair of the pediped Originals when she was an infant (LOVED those!!), but now that she’s bigger we needed something a little different. I was in love when I came across the pediped Grip’n’Go’s. There are so many styles to choose from! I can’t say enough about how much use we have gotten out of them. They are one of our go-to pairs!

pedipeds are designed to really move with the foot and are designed to give the right kind of support that little growing feet need. It’s also why they are broken up into a few different ages/stages. You have the Originals, the Grip’n’Go, and the Flex line (plus they have an adult women’s line called Brian James).

We had a pair of their Originals when Laney was a pre-walker and just starting to walk. They were great! They had just enough grip to keep her going but not trip her up. The ones in the video below are from their new Spring/Summer line. They are the Grip’n’Go Daisy Lavenders ($48, available here). In the video you can see her really moving easily in them and how her foot is able to move normally.


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You can check out the pediped line here!

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