{Product Review} Milk It Kits

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So when I was at a trade show last year I came across this great little product for pumping mamas. It’s called the Milk It Kit. The Milk It kit is a back to work survival kit for pumping mamas. It comes with a door hanger (one side says, “Wait just a minute please, pumping mom at work,” and the other side says, “Wait just a minute please, room in use.”), a pump bag tag, 2 desk signs (to alert coworkers that you’ll be right back), 32 milk labels (these are super cute! They says things like “Not for lattes” and “Reserved for baby”), and 3 big sticker for mama encouragement. This makes a great back to work gift for a little extra encouragement for that pumping mama. You can buy Milk It Kits and Milk It Kit stickers at www.MilkItKit.com. Milk It Kits are $16.95, and if you want a separate package of just stickers they are $9.95+ (depending on # of stickers).


Milk It Kits

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