{Product Review} Drool Monkey

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Product Review: Drool Monkey
Company: Drool Monkey Organics
Price: $32

So when I went to the ABC Expo last September I had the privilege to meet the founder of Drool Monkey Orgnanics, Kamala Corkin. She was such a sweetheart. She basically developed the Drool Monkey when her daughter was born so she could have a clean, hygienic, and organic teether that would catch the drool. The Drool Monkey comes in 2 styles boy/neutral or girl (it has a bow woven onto the monkey face). It is nice and soft and is machine washable! Not to mention it’s made from organic cotton; so no pesticides, chemical flame retardants, or toxic dyes. The Drool Monkey works as a lovey, a rattle, a blankie & in-a-pinch a burp cloth, too! Visit www.DroolMonkeyOrganics.com to purchase your Drool Monkey.