{Product Review} BubbleBum Booster Seat

ilissaHealth & Safety, Product Review

As a Child Passenger Safety Technician I was a little wary at first of an inflatable booster seat. Let me tell you how wrong I was!! I was lucky enough to be able to take a webinar on some new transportation safety products a few months back. Melissa Farrell, the vice president of BubbleBum, gave a great presentation on their product. I immediately tracked her down so I could test this out for myself!

The BubbleBum is an inflatable booster seat. It exceeds the safety standards in both the USA & UK! It is made for kids who weigh between 40-100lbs and are  between ages 4-11. It can be stored in the bag it comes in, which means it’s easy to store it in your child’s backpack, or even your own bag. This feature makes it great for travel. Think of how easy it would be to send your child on a playdate after school & not have to worry if the other family has a safe seat for your child to ride in? Or with their grandparents in their car?

One of the reasons I really love this booster is it has a very small footprint 13″x13″, compared to other boosters (around 16″x15″). The part that the child sits on is the standard size, just as any other booster, but you don’t have the hard plastic arms that make it impossible to squeeze 3 booster seats across a car seat.  The BubbleBum is also pretty cheap, $39.95, slightly higher than other backless boosters, but for the convenience you really can’t beat it.

BubbleBum also has an app available for Apple iPhone & for Android users. It has fun little travel games on it 🙂 The apps are FREE.

You can purchase your BubbleBum on their website for $39.95. They are also
coming out with a black/grey version of the BubbleBum soon!

Parent Tester Opinion: The BubbleBum is great for travel, maybe not as an everyday booster though. Out of 2 kids, one liked it and the other thought it is was ok. Depending on the age of your child and their level of independence they may have some trouble buckling themselves in.

Kate C. mom of 2