{Product Review} Boba Air

ilissaProduct Review

Inside this little pouch there’s a secret. This little pouch transforms into a full size baby carrier! This little pouch is also small enough to fit inside a purse, diaper bag, or glove box! This is the Air by Boba.

Who wouldn’t be skeptical of a baby carrier that folds up this small. My first thoughts before testing were

1.     Is this really going to be comfortable?
2.     Will this really fold back into the pouch?
3.     Will this convert me from my other favorite carrier?

Suffice it to say, all 3 were true. It is comfy, it does all go back into the pouch, and I may actually be a convert. 🙂

My tester for this baby was baby Scarlett. She is 19 months old & 27lbs.
I flipped the carrier out of the pouch, which actually is the front pocket on the carrier, so there isn’t a pouch to lose. The carrier also had a head rest flap for babies who nap. It is incredibly lightweight, just 0.7lbs & made out of nylon. It can be machine washed (but they recommend to do that sparingly). For someone with back problems this was a great carrier. It’s ergonomic and distributes the weight evenly across your body. The weight limits on the carrier are as follows: 15lbs-30lbs for front carry & 20lbs-45lbs for back carry. I also have to admit I have some substantial boobage 🙂 So quite often I don’t like using the chest clips that keep the shoulder straps from falling off. However the chest clips on the Boba Air are adjustable in height so I used it without a problem/squish.

Here’s a picture from Boba’s website showing the front carry option.

This is a great option for parents who are always on the go. It is easily adjustable also, so no aggravation when switching between parents!

Possibly the best part of all is that these are only $65!!

I will be ordering a bunch of these to stock in the Pop-Up Holiday Shop. Don’t forget our grand opening is October 25th at 10am!