{New Products Review} Just Born: Safe Sleep Products

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Just Born Wear-A-BlanketA few weeks ago I was sent a couple of swaddles from Just Born. They’re a fairly new company, but I have to say they do make a great swaddle and sleep sack. I was sent two products to test out, the Deluxe Swaddle and the Wear-A-Blanket.

Let’s start with the Deluxe Swaddle. I really liked this swaddler. I tested it out with a friend’s baby and she enjoyed it too (aka: she stayed asleep like she usually does when swaddled). I love that it has the mesh pockets to allow for airflow. As a sleep coach I am always reminding parents that babies can and do overheat. It is better to sleep cooler, so that feature is a really nice addition. There are two other unique features to the Deluxe Swaddle, a head and neck support “cushion” and the fact that you can swaddle arms in or out. The head support cushion I was a little skeptical of at first, but it is a nice feature. A lot of babies, especially when they’re transitioning out of a swaddle, like to be arms out but still feel that swaddle around the belly, so that’s also a great feature. Here’s a video of the Deluxe Swaddle in action.

Now onto the Wear-A-Blanket. The one thing that is really unique about this sleep sack is the Comfort Wrap that goes over your baby’s belly. It provides a light pressure which can be really soothing for those colic babies and those with tummy troubles. You never want to use a blanket in the crib with a baby under a year old, so this provides a great alternative. It’s a perfect weight to wear regular pajamas underneath and not overheat, too.




The Just Born Deluxe Swaddle and the Wear-A-Blanket can both be borrowed from our lending library during either of our monthly sleep class.
Class info can be found on our events page.