{New Product Review} Wonder Bumpers by GoMamaGo Designs

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I’m going to start this blog post off with a scary story that a good friend of mine told me when I told her I was going to be reviewing these.

She had heard all the warnings about using traditional bumpers, how they can be a suffocation risk. But you always think, “Stuff like that doesn’t happen to me. That happens to people in movies, or on the news, it would never be me.” She put her daughter to bed, she fussed a little but then she slept great all night. She usually wakes pretty early, before her brother, but this day was different. She went to check on her in her crib. When she got there she was horrified. The string of the bumper pad had become untied and was stuck around her daughter’s neck. Her daughter was still alive and fine, but had a nasty blue mark around her neck where the tie had been. She was completely shaken up, she immediately took off the bumpers and threw them out. This is not an uncommon story, and in a lot of cases the ending is not good. In the city of Chicago, and the entire state of Maryland, the sale of crib bumpers has been made illegal. These places recognize the huge risk that these products cause.

Now to introduce you to Wonder Bumpers! These are a non-traditional crib bumper product. They zip around each individual slat or spindle of your crib. They were really easy to install (just one zipper), they look great, and they are super soft. Best of all, they leave a gap between the spindles, so the air flow through the crib is still optimal. There’s no ties to cause strangulation. The padding on them is just enough that it keeps hands and legs from getting stuck and if your baby is learning how to pull up on their crib (and then have a tendency to fall backwards, like Marlayna) the padding keeps their head from making a hard impact. Another great feature is that they are reversible. You get two colors on each bumper pad cover, so you can zip them all one color, alternate colors, or zip them to the other color. The second color is usually a neutral color, too. Our set is the lavender/latte colors. So if someday we have a boy, we can switch to the latte and not have to get  a whole new set. (Please also note, our crib mobile, that is pictured below, I took down after noticing how close it is to within reaching distance of Marlayna when she is standing, as that can also be a strangulation &/or choking hazard)

Wonder Bumpers package
Wonder Bumpers on crib
Laney Wonder Bumpers
Laney crib
To order a set for yourself visit www.GoMamaGoDesigns.com, a set of 24 is $79, but they also come in a 2pack or a 38pack. Make sure to count your slats to figure out how many you need. Use code ‘sleepsafe10’ for 10% off anything on the GoMamaGo website!

On a secondary note, if you have traditional tie-on crib bumpers, please, either throw them out or transform them into something not as dangerous! Here’s a great link on some crafty ideas for the nursery using them.