Laney’s Faves List: A Recap In Products of the Last Year

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My little Laney turned 1 last week. My oh my, where did the year go?! I wanted to put together a list of our favorite products from the past year. We used these products all the time, or they were a huge lifesaver for us at some point in the last year.

Her Mr. Bear aka: the pink bear from Wubbanub. Laney loved the Soothie pacifiers but they wouldn’t stay in her mouth when she was a newbie. In came the Wubbanub. A Soothie that has a small stuffed animal on it. Mr. Bear was actually lost at Price Chopper one day, and I was devastated. Some kind soul placed him on the cart return and he was retrieved (and washed a few extra times). Wubbanubs are used up until baby is 6months of age.

Wubbanub with Laney


Her Baby Jack & Co. satin lovey has been in our car since basically day 1. Since it’s so soft it’s been a great distraction in the car and it keeps her occupied. Full review is here.

Baby Jack Blankets Satin Lovey

Her Freshly Picked moccasins have been everywhere. We actually own 4 pairs now (gold, steel, raspberry and radiant orchid). These shoes actually stay on, and I feel they are worth the price. Our full review is here.

Laney wearing Freshly Picked

Her PUJ tub was a lifesaver when she was a newbie until she outgrew it at 6 months. It folds right into our kitchen sink and made it so easy to bathe her without having to bend over a tub. We also own PUJ’s Hug towel, which is awesome. It’s super soft and luxurious and keeps mama dry, too.

PUJ tub Puj Hug

 Her SwimZip bathing suit made swim lessons at the YMCA so enjoyable, and our summers less-stressful. Their swimsuits provide UV protection. Laney has the Mint Chip suit, it has full sleeves. Full review here.

SwimZip swim class Laney

At every bath we scrub Laney down using Olive Naturally’s CLEAN baby body wash and shampoo. It is the nicest baby shampoo I have ever found. Even my husband loves it. He has allergies and scents really bother him. This has the lightest scent, just enough to feel, well, clean. It is also a foam, so it doesn’t run all over the place. So nice! (The only pic I had of us using it had a tiny little bum in it, so I’ve chosen to just use their stock pic).

Olive Naturally CLEAN

We have bought a ton of useful stuff from The Bundle Store, but by far my favorite has been their calming room spray! We use it at every nap time and at night. 1 bottle will last forever. I recommend this to sleep clients all the time, too. (Again, no in-use pic, it sits on her shelf LOL). We were also a HUGE fan of their tummy-time class. It was excellent and a wonderful bonding experience for Laney & I.

Bundle Room Spray

Our NumNum utensils have been a huge hit! They are so easy for her to manipulate and get the food into her mouth. She loves using them for her oatmeal and yogurt! She also loves to smear yogurt everywhere (not a bad reflection on the NumNums LOL).

NumNum dips

The Otteroo wins for most interesting product of the year LOL. I know you all think I’m crazy, but don’t knock it till ya try it. Laney loved this! You can view the full review with video here. She loves swimming, so this was awesome that she was floating free and splashing away! (Again, the hot tub was not on, it was luke warm)

Laney loves Otteroo

Here’s a quick list of the rest of the stuff we probably couldn’t live without this past year!

Photos by Ivory Lane Photography (Hospital pics, Easter pics, some quick pics in the park one day, and her birthday pics!)

Sticky Bellies (These milestone stickers were so fun to use every month. Check out our Instagram for the pics throughout the year)

Our car seats, the Maxi-Cosi Prezi and the Clek Foonf. Both are amazing! She still fits in both! And the Prezi clicked right into our Maxi-Cosi Kaia stroller that we LOVE!

Baby Paper is also known as baby crack in our house. For months Laney was obsessed with this. She loved it from the time she could hold onto things until she was about 8 months. Rainbow polka dots were the favorite, but she loved all the colors really. I used to sell it at my store, but you can get it at Northshire Bookstore in Saratoga Springs, or check out the Baby Paper website if you aren’t local.

Mimitens mittens from The Bundle Store, were a life saver last winter! Hopefully they will be restocked at Bundle soon!

Our diaper bag from Rosebud Johnnies has been awesome! We use it almost everyday and it shows no signs of wear. It also holds everything without being a bulky bag!

Headbands from The Potluck Store, Little Hipsqueaks, Little Darlings Boutique, and Two Sparrows have all adorned the small child’s head.

Our Nosefrida helped me get the boogies out of her tiny 4month old nose, for the one cold we had all winter.

The Bobee diaper dispenser has been amazing! Laney has had her share of poop explosions and when you need diapers and wipes fast this is a lifesaver! Don’t fumble with the wipes lid and just flip out a fresh diaper!

The Zoli sticks are also great! Laney has been a big chewer when teething. Another teething favorite has been the Punkin Butt Teething Oil and the Nawgum.

We used the Aden + Anais cozy sleep sack all winter long, and we’ll be getting another one for this winter (which seems to be starting in 5 minutes).

Our Nuna Leaf chair has been a daily staple. I love that it’s low to the ground so she can climb in and out of it now.

In her crib we use the Nook Sleep Pebble mattress. She has slept on this like it’s a cloud. She snuggles right into it.

Lastly, our Ciao Baby Chair has gone everywhere with us. We use it all the time!

There are a million other products, but I’m pretty sure I covered the main ones here!

And since we LOVE you all, Laney has decided to give away the first 9 products on her list!!

One Winner will be chosen to receive:

A Wubbanub pacifier

A Satin Lovey from Baby Jack & Co.

A pair of Freshly Picked moccasins

A PUJ tub

A bathing suit from SwimZip

Baby shampoo & mama shampoo from Olive Naturally

Calming Room Spray from The Bundle Store

A set of NumNum dippers

and an Otteroo float and washcloth set!

Please enter below & everyone behave yourselves! Share with your friends!

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Happy Birthday my little Laney! Momma loves you so much!!

Laney birthday