Holiday Cards: One of My Favorite Purchases of the Year!

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So I am a Christmas junkie. No joke our tree has been up for 3 weeks already. I told my mother the excuse, when she questioned the earliness of it, that, “The baby likes to look at the lights.” I love shopping for Christmas cards. My hubby and I have always sent out a photo card each year (yes, pre-baby). I just remember getting them as a kid and I thought it was so nice to get to see everyone and how they’d changed from the previous year. Of course this was all pre-Facebook, when we didn’t see everyone’s kids everyday LOL. But I do still save the photo cards from each year and pull them out to look at each season. Let me introduce you to Minted. This is our Minted card from a few years ago.

2011 xmas card

Minted offers awesome card options for a very reasonable price. A lot of the cards can be made into cards that open (like a greeting card), with pictures added to the inside. They’re also printed on a very nice quality, heavy paper. There’s various add-ons you can also do, like my favorite, the Skinny-Wrap Address™ labels or the fancier envelopes. If you already have a favorite picture but can’t visualize it in the cards then use the Find It Fast feature. It will let you upload the pic and see it in a bunch of cards.

I can’t believe we have a baby this year! We worked with the awesome Christine Neely Photography to have the most amazing pics taken for our cards. I promise to reveal our personal card later in December, after they have been sent to our friends and family. In the mean time here are some of my favorite cards that Minted has to offer for this year!

Family Fun Holiday Photo Cards

I love that you can move around the fun little doodles to add some silliness to the card!

Minted Card 2

Happiest Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards

New to Minted this year is there line of Foil Pressed cards. It’s hard to show in a picture, but if you go to their website it will show you how they shimmer. LOVE these!

Minted Card 3

Vintage Library Year in Review Cards

Love that you can add all the fun dates and historical times from the past year! Super cute!

Minted Card 1

Another really cute product they sell is this adorable, custom wrapping paper! It’s only $15 for 5 sheets (20″x28″). Great for wrapping those special gifts for grandma! There’s various designs, I just liked this one. They also have one that you can add a favorite recipe to!

Minted Wrapping Paper

So I am very excited to be using Minted again for our Christmas cards this year. I will keep you all posted as to what design we picked!

As a wonderful gesture, Minted has shared a special promo code for the BINX readers!

Use code 15RCP for 15% off your order now through tomorrow (Nov. 27)!