Family Heirlooms & Hand Me Down Baby Gear

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I was thrilled when my grandma told me she still had the cradle she had used for my father and uncle when they were born. I had asked her about it years before thinking about becoming pregnant and we dragged it home, out of their attic, from their house in Rhode Island in its original (completely falling apart) box. When … Read More

Winter Car Safety

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It’s really important to remember some key points in winter car seat safety that you might not think of: Heavy Coats It’s super important that children not be bundled up in heavy coats while strapped into their car seats. This creates a huge amount of extra bulk that can be really unsafe. It makes a lot of room between the car … Read More

National Adoption Day!

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So this past Saturday was National Adoption Day. I thought it would be really great to share with you 2 wonderful adoption stories. The first is a domestic (within the USA) adoption story & the second is an international adoption story. Both of these families are close friends with mine, so it was so wonderful to read these stories. So … Read More

{Product Review} The Zen Swaddle

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I was thrilled to received the Zen Swaddle by Nested Bean a few weeks ago. It is a revolutionary swaddler. The Zen Swaddle has parts on the swaddler that are weighted to mimic the feeling of touch by a parent. They’re like bean bags in the swaddler. The weighted parts are on the chest part (where you see the baby … Read More

{Product Review} BubbleBum Booster Seat

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As a Child Passenger Safety Technician I was a little wary at first of an inflatable booster seat. Let me tell you how wrong I was!! I was lucky enough to be able to take a webinar on some new transportation safety products a few months back. Melissa Farrell, the vice president of BubbleBum, gave a great presentation on their … Read More