{Product Review} Milkin’ Cookies

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Back in April, Milkin’ Cookies sent me a bunch of cookies to give out at the Saratoga Baby Expo at my table. So many moms raved about them!! I may have snuck a few myself even though I’m not nursing. They were slightly moist and they didn’t crumble into a million pieces. Yum! Let’s back up a minute, so Milkin’ … Read More

{Sleep Tips!} Daylight Savings Time Help!

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Sunday March 9th is the beginning of Daylight Savings Time where we will be springing forward an hour.  For all of us parents this means that the babies and kiddos will be very confused and waking up later, which can really mess with their naps and bedtime schedule. Here’s a quick summary of how to adjust your child’s sleeping gradually … Read More

25 Days of Giveaways: Kaivalya Spa

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I was talking to Pam from Two Birds One Stone one day about trying to find a chair massage person for our Small Business Saturday party. She recommended a friend of hers, Katie, who works at Kaivalya Spa. Long story short, Katie was fantastic, and I was able to connect with the owner of Kaivalya Spa, Heidi (who is also … Read More

25 Days of Giveaways: Baby Boot Camp

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A good friend of mine is Britta Hogue, the mama behind Baby Boot Camp of the Capital District. She runs the Baby Boot Camps in Albany, Loudonville, and Clifton Park, and she also runs Karna Fitness in Clifton Park. Baby Boot Camp is a fitness program that includes your stroller and child. It’s great for new mamas that are trying … Read More

The Big Latch On!

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This Saturday, August 3rd, is The Big Latch On! Join Binx at The Malta Community Center, for this record setting event! Moms who are nursing will all latch their babies on at exactly 10:30am for 1 minute to participate in this world record! On the 1 – 7th of August every year, to raise awareness of the benefits of breastfeeding … Read More