Baby Skin Care: 5 Reasons to go Organic

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So what’s the deal with pregnant moms going organic for everything, from fruits and veggies, to lotions and creams, to bed sheets and mattresses? Is it worth the extra price, and what does organic really mean?
Organiworks is founded by me, Jennifer Zhao, a local mom and scientist, and is dedicated to exposing truth in skin care ingredients while bringing safe, effective, high quality skin care products to the Capital Region. You may be surprised to find that the prices for products with real organic ingredients don’t cost much more than conventional brands.
Certified organic products contain at least 70% organic ingredients. That means the ingredients come from natural sources such as plants, and those plants were grown without pesticides. Petroleum derived ingredients and synthetic chemicals don’t qualify. Products bearing the USDA or NSF organic seal have been independently verified, so you can be sure of the quality.
Here are 5 reasons to go organic on baby skin care products:
1. Up to 60% of chemicals applied on skin is absorbed into the body, that’s why nicotine and birth control patches work!  Baby’s metabolilsm is not fully developed yet, so has a harder time breaking down chemicals. Harmful ingredients from food or skin can accumulate over time, leading to possible hormone disruption, impairing growth and development.
2. Baby’s skin is 10 times thinner than adult skin, and much more sensitive. Artificial fragrances and harsh detergents such can irritate skin and cause allergies, eczema, rashes.

3. Just because the packaging says “all-natural”, it doesn’t mean it’s free of synthetics such as mineral oil, parabens, phenoxyethanol, sulfates, and formaldehyde releasers just to name a few. Be sure to look for the USDA Organic certification or the NSF Contains Organic Ingredients  designation.
4. Products made with real organic ingredients work better because skin is more suited to absorb them. Mineral oil and petroleum jelly stays on top of skin forming a water barrier, but also blocks healing ingredients such as vitamins C and E.
5. Why pay for products with synthetics and toxins that don’t really work?  The truth is that organic products really delivers results, and often with much less product. One mom told me that a little sample packet of Earth Mama Angel Baby’s diaper cream lasted weeks with her newborn son!

For the health of yourself and your new baby, stay away from over hyped name brands laden with chemicals and go for the real deal! Once you make the switch, chances are you won’t look back! Got a story or a question on organic skin care for baby?
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