Sleep is Coming for Everyone!

So get out of your yoga pants, hide from the kids & take a shower, and get ready to feel refreshed!

Your baby or child can sleep. It’s just about giving them the right setup that their body needs. Let’s do this!

What will we be doing?

Through the 7 Day Sleep Challenge you’ll be learning the building blocks of a foundation on which to build your child into a healthy sleeper. Did you know all children are born to be healthy sleepers? They just need a structure in place to make them superstars! 

​Each day of the challenge you’ll receive an email with info and a homework assignment. Then you’ll report to our private Facebook group for support and help. You’ll also receive a FREE workbook you can print out to help you along the way.

Listen, I’ve been there! Falling asleep at noon time on the couch while your toddler plays wide awake. Not being able to leave the house for a date night or girl’s night because your child needs YOU to fall asleep. Getting up every. single. hour. all night long, every night. Trying to concentrate at work when all you want to do is cry because you’re so tired. Wondering when the sleepless nights will end…

There is hope! I’ve helped so many families overcome these situations and now it’s your chance to get started!

Is this program for everyone? Nope, it’s only for people looking to make a change. Working on sleep can be hard (it doesn’t need to be) but sleeplessness is harder! This challenge isn’t about sleep training methods, it’s actually just about the science behind sleep. So it really makes it so easy to build that foundation. Your child also needs to be older than 4 months of age to participate (based on their estimated due date). If they’re younger than 4m, then sign up for my newborn sleep class! Or you can  sign up for the Challenge, but know that some of the info will not apply yet (and I will let you know what info that is, as it comes along).

What You’re Getting

  • 7 Days of Emails, one email sent out each morning for a week that will be stuffed with a lesson on building a healthy sleep foundation. It will also have an easy homework assignment for you to complete in it.
  • Access to the member’s only Facebook group. This is one of the best parts of The Challenge! Meet other parents who are struggling and make some new friends along the way!
  • A printable workbook to help you along with each step of The Challenge
  • 3 times during the week there will be OPEN OFFICE hours, so you’ll have access to ask Ilissa anything you want pertaining to your child’s sleep and get custom support from her!

All this for only $99! 

Previous Participants Had This to Say…

I just finished the 7 day sleep challenge and thanks to Illissa’s methods our lives have been completely changed for the better! My 13 month old daughter hadn’t slept through the night since 2 months old and we had created so many bad habits including rocking to sleep, feeding throughout the night and bringing her into our bed after her first waking. None of us were getting quality sleep and it was really taking its toll. After following Ilissa’s plan to create a new schedule and sleep plan after 2 nights my daughter was sleeping through the night with no wakings in her crib! It’s amazing! I only wish we had worked with Ilissa sooner. I highly recommend her services!!!

~ Marcie J.

Ilissa is the real deal! I love her process and step by step approach to getting you and your baby to better sleep. Just a week ago my 8 month old daughter was waking up 2-3 times per night and needed me to nurse or hold her in order to fall back asleep…now she’s sleeping through the night without having to be nursed, held, and/or rocked to sleep! We still enjoy our snuggles but are now both getting a full night sleep!!! Ilissa provides you with the information you need in order to reach your sleep goals, which is really what helped us. She is extremely supportive and knowledgeable. I would recommend her to any family that is struggling with sleep!

~ Michelle S. 

Just completed the 7-Day Sleep Challenge with Binx. In one word, AMAZING! All of the strategies, techniques, and advice that Ilissa provided worked to quickly transform my 16 m/o into a wonderful sleeper! In addition, the support she offers is superb – no judging, no imposing of specific sleep training techniques, no stress, and no guilt. Just loads of great advice grounded in science, and understanding and encouragement to help you through. I will recommend Binx to anyone and everyone I know!!!

~ Claire W.

Ready to Get Some Sleep?
Challenge officially starts June 29!
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More Love…

I just completed the 7 day sleep challenge with llissa. I learned so much about what is needed for a child to sleep well. She was very helpful and supportive every step of the way. My almost 8 month old was waking every 30 minutes and screaming the minute I put him in his crib…all night long. I knew I needed help to get him good, healthy sleep. After adjusting our schedule a bit, and putting a plan in place, he is now taking 2 hour naps and sleeping through the night with only one feeding. llissa is awesome and I am so happy I worked with her. I highly recommend her to anyone having sleep issues!

~ Dena H.